The Same Deep Water As You

Today, I have a couple of things from Under the Sea Expo, to show you! Tomorrow is the last day of this event, and The Lost Pearls of Hanalei Hunt, that is taking place at the Expo so, sail, swim or run down soon so you don’t miss out!

Spinning Swing- Evie’s Closet/Mole End (Evangeline Miles)- Treasure of the Tides also available in a Petites size

Jellyfish- Cerridwen’s Cauldron Creations (Elicio Ember)- Jellyfish Weed, Heartleaf


Water Flower- Cerridwen’s Cauldron Creations (Elicio Ember)- Hope Chalice Flower, Violet RFL Ltd.

Rocks, Waves, and Water Particles- Garden of Dreams (Kayle Matzerath)


One thought on “The Same Deep Water As You

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